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Nightclubs in Santa Cruz - there are some!

There is a selection of nightclubs in Santa Cruz, but they are more Spanish or Canarian establishments, as opposed to the clubs on the famous Veronicas strip in Las Americas, which are aimed mainly at tourists.

Discoteca Basílica El Convento

This is a club found in central Santa Cruz on Avenida Tres de Mayo. It features seven bars and two separate rooms for dancing, one of Latin music, the other of international disco sounds.

Telephone: (+34) 922 212429.

N.B. This club may have closed down.

Discoteca SAT

One of the biggest clubs in Santa Cruz, SAT is open from Thursdays to Saturdays and offers the opportunity for partying till the early hours. It features an open-air dance area. Found on the Avenida De la Constitucion.

Telephone: (+34) 922 236240
Email: alfesuz@retemail.es


One of the main, most prestigious clubs in Santa Cruz, situated on Calle Dieciocho de Julio. Frequented by the Santa Cruz "elite", it provides opportunities to dance, or listen to the latest sounds.

Telephone: (+34) 922 275044


Found just off the north motorway, TF-5, at junction 3, this club caters for people of all ages by providing many different styles of music - Spanish pop music, "hardcore", disco and Latin rhythms.

Telephone: (+34) 922 636883/636999

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