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Magic Bar Tenerife - luxury and opulence!

magic bar tenerife

There is one place to go for a drink in Playa de Las Americas that offers a very upmarket, opulent setting with a stylish ambience.

The Magic Bar is part of the PirĂ¡mide de Arona, a complex that stages big musical performances. It is a separate entity, though and tends to be frequented by a chic clientele made up of native Canarians from both the north and south of the island, plus holidaymakers who want to experience something a bit special - instead of the run of the mill pint-of-bitter-and-karaoke type of bar.

Upon entering the bar, you enter a different world. Its creators wanted to create a Moroccan feel and there are luxurious long seats and opulent decor.

Naturally, for all this style and richness, the drinks cost considerably more than "ordinary" bars. If you want to treat yourself, take plenty of money - or your credit card!

As regards live entertainment, I must confess that the information I'm giving here may not be totally up-to-date. The bar does possess a cabaret area and any music featured will probably of the laid back soul/jazz/funk variety.

One website suggests that there is a three-piece band in residence and they perform from midnight till 2am.

The Magic Bar is paired with the Magic Nightclub, which opens its doors at 2am and goes on till the early hours. There is normally a long queue formed to get in, but, if you're already in the Magic Bar, you can access the Magic Club by another entrance, without queueing.

If you don't already know where the PirĂ¡mide de Arona is, it is on theAvenida de Las Americas and the best landmark to aim for is the large, round blue building of the Mare Nostrum Resort Hotel.

The Magic Bar is just further along from that, across a roundabout.

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