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Los Gigantes Carnival - another more modest celebration

Los Gigantes Carnival. This is yet another town holding its own carnival, starting quite a bit earlier than the big one in Santa Cruz.

The whole thing lasts over four days at the end of February.


Day One

The Carnival kicks off at around 7pm, with a performance of a percussion group.

Later in the evening, at 11pm, there is a masked ball, held in the open air, with live music.

Day Two

This is usually a Saturday and lasts from the morning onwards.

At 11am, there are children's activities, including a bouncy castle, in the town square.

This lasts well into the afternoon, when, at 4pm, there is the Grand Children's Carnival parade, featuring Walt Disney characters.

The route begins at the El Sombrero apartments and ends at the Plaza Bouganvilla. Thereafter, there is a children's party with a selection of live bands.

On to 9pm, when there is finally something for the adults. There is much partying with yet more live music.

Day Three

Sunday is the day of the main Carnival Parade.

This begins at 5pm, from the roundabout in Puerto Santiago, ending, again, at the Plaza Bouganvilla. The procession is accompanied throughout the route by numerous song and dance troups.

At the end of the parade, there is a huge, open air party, with live music and dancing.

Day Four

The final day of the Carnival. It begins at 9pm and consists, initially, of the inevitable "Burial of the Sardine".

The "funeral procession", transporting the giant papier mache fish, accompanied by the obligatory grieving "widows" sets off from the entrance to Los Gigantes, ending up at the back of the Los Gigantes Hotel.

The sardine is set alight, everyone wails hysterically, then there is the final dance - the "Widows' Ball" in Plaza Bouganvilla. With live music, everyone dances the night away till the early hours.

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