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Lewinskis Bar Los Cristianos

lewinskis bar los cristianos

This is a large bar/restaurant situated on the corner at the main traffic lights in Los Cristianos.

Please Note

This bar is now under new management and no longer features line dancing. Susanne, the country and western singer who hosted this can now be found at the Marco Polo Bar, Salytien Complex, Las Americas. This bar itself is now more of a restaurant and, as the new owners are Chinese, serves food that reflects this.

More info to come in due course.

As well as a spacious interior, there is an extensive terrace area full of tables and chairs and the bar is open all day, beginning with breakfast, of which they offer the "full English".

Now, whatever you may think of it, line dancing is very popular in the south of Tenerife and there are a limited number of venues where you can do this.

Lewinski's is one of those.

Entertainment, these days, is provided by country and western singer Susanne. She performs there every night except Fridays. Through the week, she performs from 8:30 till 11:30, but, on Sauturdays, finishes at 10:30. A space is cleared on the terrace and that's where it takes place.

I understand that there may be line dancing classes on Wednesdays.

Nights at Lewinski's probably appeal to the more mature customer, but, nonetheless, you will be guaranteed an enjoyable time.

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