by Mrs Michelle Cooke
(Saltash, UK)

Dear Sir/Madam
Please help us! We have been dealing with a supposed lawyer called Juan Luis Partalabo from law firm Legitimos. They are telling us we have won a case for timeshare compensation and that we need to pay the taxes up front according to Spanish law. We have voiced our concerns as some websites suggest these are a scamming company. They have sent us a whole pile of papers which all seem very official but they are all in Spanish. There is a lot of money at stake and we need to know from an independent organisation if they are genuine. We have spent hours searching the internet and are no further forward. We even have a case number but do not know how to proceed. We really need someone's help.
Mrs Michelle Cooke.

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Jun 15, 2017
Timeshare Hoaxes
by: Anonymous

There must be good money in timeshare hoaxes.

You might consider contacting a consumer advocate. I live in California, USA, and we have a consumer advocate here whose office is always very responsive to individual inquiries.

His name is Michael Finney and he has a radio program on San Francisco CA, USA, radio station call letters KGO, frequency 810am.

Try to contact him at this URL:

There are many Spanish speaking people in this area, so there is most likely someone on his staff who speaks Spanish.

Let me know if this helps.


Oct 25, 2017
It's a SCAM - I have lost £ thousands
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by the same company Juan Luis Portalabo who told me I was one of 62 cases who has been successful in winning compensation in the Santa Cruz Courts. In order to receive my 77,000 euro cheque I had to first lay the Spanish Tax which would then be refunded. As they sent what appeared to be legitimate court papers I thought this was genuine and paid the tax by bank transfer, over 5,000 euros. I was notified that the cheque had been issued but when I asked if it could be sent via bank transfer I was told the cheque had already been posted. Of course the cheque did not arrive, it had been stolen and cashed by 3 Roumanian gypsies. I was then contacted by another company saying they had been appointed to retrieve my money but they needed a fee of over 2000 euros. I have now found out too late that I have been well and truly scammed, too late for me but hopefully no one else will fall for this! BEWARE please.

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