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La Luz School Tenerife - the Lower School of the British School of Tenerife

la luz school tenerife

Once the infants/juniors department of the Yeoward school, this learning centre has now been incorporated into the British School of Tenerife as its Lower School.

Catering for pre-school and years one to four, it has an impressive array of facilities.

It is situated in the La Luz area of La Orotava and, from its premises, pupils have a great view of the sea.

However, far from gazing out across the water, they have more than enough to occupy their time.

The pre-school section of the school caters for Nursery and Reception age groups, as well as featuring a playgroup.

Designated the Early Years Department, it consists of six classrooms, plus ample outdoor areas. The department has its own "Breakfast Club" and possesses a separate kitchen to cater for this.

The main section of the school takes pupils from year one through to year four and boasts eight classrooms, each equipped with a computer for pupils' use.

In addition, all four years share a library and a computer room.

Facilities for the whole school include an assembly hall, where, like in so many primary schools, music is taught.

There is also an indoor sports hall, plus areas outside where more sport can take place.

For good measure, the outside area features a vegetable patch, where pupils can grow their own produce.

Finally, there is a communal dining hall, where freshly prepared lunches are available to the whole school.

contact details:

Telephone: (+34) 922 336929

To find the school, exit the TF-5 north motorway at junction 36, taking the La Orotava road. Immediately, you'll come to a second roundabout, where you should take the first exit.

Stay on this road for a good while, but, eventually, you have to take a left turn. The only things I can tell you to watch out for at this point is a branch of the bank Caja Canarias on the right and a large orange/yellow building on the corner where you turn.

Stay on this road for a while, but watch out for a rather unobtrusive yellow sign, saying "ATENCION", bearing a silhouette of children running. Take the next left and the way to the school from there should be signposted.

la luz school tenerife

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