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La Karina Tenerife - a restaurant with excellent live music

La Karina Tenerife is primarily a family-friendly restaurant. Billed as a steak house, it also specialises in pasta and pizza.

Found in a prime position slap bang in the centre of Playa de Las Americas's nightspots, it lives up to its name by serving quality steaks and spare ribs and also features a Garlic Chicken special.

The restaurant features a nice, compact interior and has a large, spacious outside terrace. Regarding ownership, I have found mention on a forum that it serves German cuisine, but, despite this, it is apparently owned by an Argentinian! At any rate, it is the general consensus that the food is superb.

When it comes to entertainment, the restaurant has always leant towards the country and western variety. The current provider of this live entertainment is a duo consisting of Graham, from England and Robert, from Norway. Both are Tenerife veterans and can be guaranteed to give you an excellent evening's entertainment.

As for the number of nights when you can enjoy this live music, I'm not sure. If you're staying in the vicinity, it would be best to pop down during the day and check who's on that night.

To find this restaurant is quite easy. If you're on the street connecting the Patch and Starco, it's on the side of this road nearer the ocean, just before you get to Starco.

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