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In and Out Bar Tenerife 

in and out bar tenerife

Situated in a nice location right on the beachfront in Fañabe is this cosmopolitan bar/restaurant.

I say cosmopolitan because it seems to attract several nationalities as well as Brits. You'll find Spanish, Canarian and people from other European countries in profusion.

The bar opens all day, every day and, during daylight hours, serves food.

To accommodate their cosmopolitan clientele, the restaurant offers not only British fare, but Spanish and Italian cuisine, including a tapas bar.

From breakfasts, through lunches, to dinners, food is available most of the day.

The bar is very spacious and appears to be able to accomodate a large number of people.

Drinks, of course, are available throughout the day and the bar usually has a special offer on. Currently, you can purchase two bottles of either Heineken, Dorada or San Miguel for five euros. For a tourist area like Las Americas, that's pretty reasonable!


For many years, the rock band Soundchaser appeared nightly at this bar. They had a great reputation and a formidable following. Now, they have left the residency, citing various reasons. At the moment (June 2013) they are taking a few months off and working on other projects.

They played a couple of gigs at Harley's as their (temporary, hopefully) final Tenerife performances.

If and when the band returns to the island and starts performing again, I'll let you know.

As regards any replacement live music at the In And Out Bar, I can't find any info on the web. If anyone of you knows anything, please let me know, via "Feedback".

Bar Opening Times
Every day9am-midnight

To find it, get yourself down to the seafront from any of the main roads in Fañabe and, along there, you'll soon spot the bar.

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