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Ikea Tenerife - go there for the restaurant!

Have you ever visited an IKEA store in your home country? The Ikea Tenerife is pretty much just the same.

You get there from the south by taking the main motorway TF-1. You're almost going all the way to Santa Cruz, so you're on it for just over 40 miles. Watch out for exit 6A-6B. Take that, then exit 6A. Follow the signs for motorway TF-2, then leave this at exit 2. By this time, the large Ikea store should be clearly visible. There is a one-way system around this area, but you should be able to navigate it okay. You'll find ample car parking facilities on site.

This is the one in Madrid, but you get the gist...
(Photo: Joseaperez)

Just like any other Ikea store, you make your way round a one-way system, with arrows on the floor keeping you to the predetermined route. Heaven knows what you would have to do if you needed to go back to where you've been!

The reason I've given this store its own page is because of its restaurant. We had lunch there once and for that reason only, I dragged my other half up there a second time to avail myself of the superb experience again. Yes, folks, I recommend the restaurant at Ikea! Admittedly, it's self-service and you have to dispose of your own rubbish and clear your own table, but the food's a bit of all right!

The Ikea store is part of a larger complex containing other shops featuring such things as fashion and travel agencies.


Calle AceviƱo 9
Parque comercial La Laguna
La Laguna 35205, Tenerife

Opening Hours
Every day10am-10pm

contact details:

Tel: (+34) 902 777777
Email: atencion.cliente.tfe@ikeasi.com

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