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Hipertrebol - a mysterious supermarket chain!


Now, I think I may have shot myself in the foot by including this supermarket in my list. It is a legitimate brand in Tenerife, so I'd better carry on.

The thing is, I'm familiar with the branch in Los Cristianos, but, on looking into the company further, I'm a little confused.

For a start, we have the company "Trebol". This basic name is further divided into both Hiper- and Super-Trebol. Then I discover that, in some weird way, the brand is also covered by a company called Comercial Jesuman SA. I know I've said on the link from my main Shopping in Tenerife page that, according to the Spanish yellow pages, there are only two of these supermarkets in Tenerife.

Now, on re-checking the yellow pages, I discover that there is now only one business listed with this name (in Puerto de La Cruz), plus 28 others bearing the Comercial Jesuman title!

There is one in Los Cristianos, too and it's found within a group of commercial buildings by the big roundabout at the top of the town, on the side nearer the motorway.

This branch of the chain is pretty much your average Spanish supermarket, selling everything you'd expect. As regards range of produce and price, according to a discussion on the Tenerife Forum, most people tended to rate Mercadona over Hipertrebol on both counts.

I've been in this supermarket on a couple of occasions. It was usually when we'd gone specifically to visit a sports shop, which you find to your right as you enter the building. We'd usually pop into the supermarket if we needed a couple of items. We never did a big shop there.

contact details:

Telephone: The only one I can find is the one in Puerto - (+34) 922 374730
Email: unknown
Website: Try as I might, I cannot find a website for either Trebol or Comercial Jesuman. It appears that this supermarket chain has no representation on the Internet!

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