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Highland Paddy - the Parque La Paz branch

The Highland Paddy, as a brand, has existed for many years on Tenerife, situated in large premises in Los Gigantes.

Well, it's now to be found in Playa de Las Americas, too. Taking over the locale that used to be the George and Dragon pub, on Parque La Paz, the old place was literally torn out and a full, thorough refurbishment started from scratch.

The result was a very handsome venue, very UK-pub style with a spacious interior featuring plush seating, wooden Elizabethan-style beams on the walls - and even horse brasses!

With the refurbishment came a change of alliegance - from England to Ireland. The new sign was erected at the end of 2009 and this Irish pub got off to a flying start.

At the time of writing, the bar's website appears to be down, so I'm unable to offer you many details about opening times, etc.

The bar bills itself as providing "live music" and "live sport". This would tend to indicate that it's open during the day for the sport bit, shown on numerous screens throughout the place.

Evening cabaret probably kicks off each night at around 9pm (that appears to be the optimum time) and features a variety of top Tenerife acts. Finishing off the evening is that thing where members of the audience can get up and sing, with lyrics projected onto a TV screen...er, can't remember what it's called.

One last thing: food. I have no actual details on whether this pub provides dining, but, judging by the photos on its Facebook page, there is no evidence of meals being served - just loads and loads of drinks!

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