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Full Monty Tenerife - a large entertainment bar on Patch

The Full Monty Tenerife is a pretty big venue, situated at the top corner of Patch, on the right. You'll find it extremely difficult to miss, as it's very clearly signposted.

This is another entertainment bar that has been going for years and is quite famous.

The only time I've ever been in it was for some Tenerife Entertainers' Awards ceremony and its set-up seemed to be a lot of small bars dotted around one large room.

From what I can gather, the bar's main remit is to offer party nights, with both cabaret and the dreaded karaoke.

The bar boasts an outside terrace and it appears that you can avail yourself of a drink during the day.

It is in the evening that the bar comes into its own, however, with the aforementioned entertainment programme.

The karaoke and cabaret was hosted by a 6½ foot tall black man named Biba. I say "was", because I'm not sure if he's still there. He enjoyed a loyal following (even having his own fan page on Facebook), but there are comments on various forums and social networks, dated quite recently (December, 2010), mourning his departure.

If that is the case, then I have no further information as to who has replaced him.

Although this bar is, I think, primarily aimed at young people (late teens/early twenties), it is also visited by families with younger children.

This lively, Tenerife "fun pub" has some holidaymakers returning night after night, a testimony to its appeal.

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