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Fuente del Llano - a campsite on the southern slopes of Teide

fuente del llano

This campsite is found on the south-east slopes of Teide. It appears to be a little more basic than some of the others that are available.

Photo: Boksi

Nestling amongst the pine trees, this campsite accommodates up to 100 people, with a surface area of 17,500 square metres.

Unfortunately, there are no showers, toilets or parking, plus it is not equipped for wheelchair access and has no public transport connection.

Some websites say that fresh, running water is available, but the official website asserts that that is not even provided.

It doesn't appear to have much going for it, really, except, I suppose, the view.

Directions to this site, given on the official website, state that it is accessed by the "Lomo de Arico-Pista al Contador, 16km".

To achieve this, you have to start out from Villa de Arico, taking the Calle Carmen, northwest out of the town. This then becomes Calle Benitez de Lugo. Continuing along there eventually brings you onto Calle El Calvario, which eventually becomes Lugar al Contador.

You then have a long trek into the mountains. When you arrive at El Contador - just keep going! You'll get there eventually.

Like all campsites on Tenerife, it is free to stay there, provided you have the official permit.

The office manager of this site is based at Casa Forestal de Vilaflor and his phone number is (+34) 922 709005.

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