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Finnair Pets Policy - a guide to transporting animals

finnair pets policy

Finnair will only transport pets as cargo on flights within Europe. Tenerife is part of Spain, so is included in this rule.

A fee is always charged for transporting a pet - you cannot include them as part of your baggage allowance, although there is an exception made for guide dogs.

Reservations for your pet must be made at the same time as your own. That way, Finnair can confirm that there is sufficient space available. It's for this reason that you must be able to declare the dimensions of the container and the combined weight of the box and the pet at this time.

Containers must, as always, comply with the regulations outlined on the main "Pets" page.

Pets must be microchipped and have a "pets' passport", detailing information about anti-rabies vaccinations and other health issues.

The pets policy of Finnair allowes for the animal to be sedated, but, as stated in the "Pets" page, this is not advisable.

There are a whole host of other regulations, so you'd be best referring to Finnair's web page for more information. Plus, you'll find a guide to prices.

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