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Dubliner Bar Tenerife - a late, live music venue

The Dubliner Bar Tenerife, as the name suggests, is an Irish bar found at the top of Patch, on the main road, to the right.

Owned by a Spaniard with an Irish wife, this bar has the distinction of being one of the few late night entertainment bars in the area.

Only opening at 9pm, the venue stays open until 5am! Needless to say, it is an out-and-out drinking establishment - a place to go to after you've eaten. In fact, it's an ideal place to visit to finish off your night out.

Many comments on various forums all rave about what a fantastic night is to be had in this bar - the atmosphere, staff and entertainment all gel together to deliver an experience not to be missed.

Admittedly, from about midnight onwards, it can get quite crowded and boistrous and the room, being in a basement location, can get a bit hot and clammy, even with the air conditioning, but that doesn't seem to bother most people.

Live entertainment at this venue is provided by the Dubliner Band, consisting of three musicians, featuring guitars and keyboards. Over the last year or two, the personnel of this band has changed, so I'm not sure of the names of the current members. Suffice it to say that the band won the Tenerife Entertainment Awards (for the second time) in 2010.

As well as classic Irish numbers, the duo will play a selection of up-to-date chart hits, interspersed with the obligatory clowning about.

It has to be said, drinks prices are a little higher than average, but this, I suppose, is due to the lateness of the opening times.

Have no doubt about it, though. Many, many people are absolutely crazy about this bar.

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