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The Drunk n Duck - a great night out

In November, 2013, one half of Two Risky, Steve, sadly passed away after a brief battle with cancer. The information on this page, therefore, is no longer valid. I am not sure if, when or how the bar's entertainment programme will continue.

Update: According to a Facebook comment below, the venue has now closed down.

The Drunk n Duck is very easy to find. If you walk down the Patch towards the ocean, you'll no doubt hear lots of applause, laughter and music coming from a balcony on the left about halfway down.

That's the bar in question, enjoying a typical fun night. Invariably the place is packed out.

In residence (as they have been for years) is the duo "Two Risky", consisting of Terry, on keyboards and guitar, plus Steve, on bass guitar. The two lads have won many awards over the years, which is not surprising, as they have an extensive repertoire, interspersed with comedy, all executed with professional precision.

Every night, the bar also features a guest cabaret, to give the boys a bit of a break.

Terry also owns the venue, along with his wife, who looks after the bar.

Regarding contact details, the bar doesn't appear to have a land-line phone or a website. You'll just have to get yourself down there and take it as it comes.

you won't regret it!

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