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Oct 07, 2011
Jordans death
by: Karen Walchester

Hi John,
Thank you for your comments and help, but we are so confused. We were told in the beginning by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that we would get all the information and Jordan had a post mortem over there which said he had drowned. He also had one over here which couldn't say for certain. He wasn't drunk or drugged or marked except for a small bang on his head?? So we are in torment. The British Ambassador in Madrid has now quoted a European law to the judge, who is refusing to let the details go, so it's a matter of waiting again. I am so pleased you are interested in our cause and I can confirm that it is a different life now. We are without our son and just hope that no-one harmed him in any way because he would NEVER fight or cause trouble or hurt anyone. A solicitor is our next step and I will keep you informed x

Oct 02, 2011
Response from your webmaster
by: John

Oh, Karen, what a heart-wrenching submission. Please accept my sympathy. No parent should outlive their offspring.

It seems that this is a call for help regarding the explanation behind Jordan's death. I assume from this that the death was deemed by the Tenerife authorities to be "suspicious" and therefore a post mortem was necessary.

As a whole year has passed since the tragic event and you are still waiting to hear something, perhaps, as I've suggested on the page on my site regarding deaths in Tenerife, you should appoint a lawyer to approach the authorities on the island as to how any police enquiries and/or post mortems are progressing, or, if they are completed, what were the results.

This may cost you money, but, at least, you may get some information. It also may have occurred to you to contact the British Consulate on Tenerife to see if they can help, but, in all honesty, from what I've researched, I don't think they can do much - but you never know.

That's all I can offer, I'm afraid, except for reiterating my condolences to you.

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