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Clubs in Puerto de la Cruz - the north has some, too!

Clubs in Puerto de la Cruz

If you're a die-hard clubber, but happen to be staying in Puerto de la Cruz, don't worry. There are clubs to be found in the north and there's no need to trail all the way down to the south coast to visit Las Veronicas.

Details of these clubs are pretty scant, so I'll merely give you a list of names and locations, plus as much other info as I can.


One of the most popular clubs, operating for around 30 years! Due to its age, it still retains a 70s feel.

Avenida de Colón
Telephone: 922 381066


Also operating for about 30 years, Joy disco was originally part of the Salva chain that established other top clubs in Madrid, Marbella and Torremolinos.

Calle Obispo Perez Caceres
Telephone: 922 373985


Beware, lads, this one features shows with drag queens and transvestites! Open Thursdays to Sundays.

Avenida de Colón
Telephone: 922 387026/304498


Open Thursdays to Sundays, from half-past midnight through to 8am. House and techno with DJ "Drummer".

Avenida Generalisimo
Telephone: 922 368851

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