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Capriccio Restaurant Fanabe - very cheap food and drink

capriccio restaurant fanabe

With the Capriccio restaurant and bar, we have an establishment dedicated to offering value for money!

In these present circumstances, that's no bad thing and, from various forums around the Internet, I've been able to get a rough idea of prices charged for food. Admittedly, most of these comments can be up to two years old and prices may have risen since then, but this restaurant has on offer such things as breakfasts for less than 2 euros and three course meals for around 8 euros.

Another favourite is the Sunday roast dinner, where you can chose from beef, chicken, lamb and pork, for around 5 euros.

Even if they've gone up slightly from that, it's still a good deal!

Open every day from 11am, this venue is in an enviable position on the sea front in the Fanabe area of Las Americas.

You don't have to eat there! It's also a good place to go for a drink, with a pint of local lager selling at one euro, all day and all evening. Happy hour, it seems, is a permanent fixture!

Despite charging as little as they do for food and drink, the bar owners manage to put on a selection of live entertainment for their customers every night.

As far as I know, there are three acts in residence, sharing the seven nights.

I admit that I'm not sure how up-to-date this information is, but, at one time at least, there was superb entertainer Ian Anderson appearing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, singer Jesse Garon on Tuesdays and Thursdays and singer Hollie Bourne filling in at weekends.

Forum comments, without fail, mention the quality of the food and service at this restaurant. With superb entertainment as well, you can't go wrong!

To find it, get yourself down to the seafront at Fanabe. You'll see the bar along there, situated underneath the restaurant Little Italy.

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