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Cafe de Paris Tenerife - a huge bar at the bottom of Patch

cafe de paris tenerife

Right at the bottom of Patch, to the left, overlooking the sea, you'll find this huge Spanish bar. Though it is definitely out-and-out Spanish, with regard to its waiting staff and food, etc, it still, as far as I know, features British-style entertainment.

I had dealings with this bar on several occasions when trying to find work. It has a strange arrangement, seeming to be two bars in one. There is the main part, accessed from the seafront side, leading to a cavernous interior. Then, on the side nearer Patch, there seems to be another, little bar, with its own small terrace, but still, in a strange way, part of the main bar.

As far as I know, this bar is open through the day and serves food. They probably offer English, or British-style dishes, but, as is usually the case in Spanish bars, all these have a definite Spanish influence.

Regarding live entertainment, back in my day, the bar employed a resident musician who performed most nights (the late lamented Ian Rockliffe once held this post). Nowadays, it appears that different acts appear nightly and the only one I am reasonably certain of is the three-piece band "Aftershock" (two guitars & drums plus vocals), who play there every Saturday.

If you want a spacious bar with a terrace affording fine views of the ocean, plus quality entertainment, why not give it a try?

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