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BMI Pets Policy - for transporting animals

bmi pets policy

British Midland Airways, otherwise known as BMI, will transport pets on international flights.

You have to notify passenger reservations when you book and there is a charge for this service.

The container for your pet must comply with the regulations, as outlined on the main "Pets" page.

The animal must travel as cargo in the hold of the aircraft whether or not you are travelling at the same time. It is not always possible for pets to travel on the same flight as you due to limits to the number of animals allowed.

You must make a booking with the appropriate cargo agent at the airport from which your pet will be flying. It’s best that you book your pet in as early as possible, preferably at the same time you make your booking. Pets will not be accepted at check-in. The booking agent will tell you when and where you should hand in your pet prior to the flight.

BMI is approved by the government to carry assistance dogs belonging to blind passengers, or ones with reduced mobility free of charge within the aircraft cabin.

For further information, including prices, contact BMI directly.

contact details:

All BMI international flights are now operated by British Airways. You can obtain more information about their pets policy here.

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