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Bianco Italian Restaurant Tenerife - very stylish Italian dining

bianco italian restaurant tenerife

Bianco's is yet another fine restaurant situated on the top floor of the Safari Centre in Las Americas.

The restaurant is decorated in striking, modern style, very minimalist, with the accent on white. The result is a very clean and airy feel, perfectly complimenting the food on offer.

Specialising in fine Italian cuisine, the aim is to provide traditional dishes with an original touch and all are prepared with the best possible ingredients.

It is generally regarded as one of the best Italian restaurants in Tenerife and all reviews from customers are glowing.

As you can imagine, this venue gets very busy, but no matter how many customers there are, you are assured of attentive, efficient and friendly service.

Examples of the excellent food on offer include the obligatory collection of pasta dishes, a comprehensive selection of seafood and meats. Dishes to look out for include salmon carpaccio and chicken cacciatora with rigatoni, plus the restaurant's signature dish of black squid ink and seafood pasta.

As regards drinks, the restaurant prides itself on its selection of cocktails, all prepared by expert bartenders, fluent in the "flair" technique.

As if all this wasn't enough, you'll be able to listen to some ambient live music while you dine.

The spacious interior features floor-to-ceiling windows, ideal for watching the sun go down. There is also a nicely appointed outside terrace, where you can dine, or just enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

All in all, the Bianco promises you a very chic, memorable dining experience.

The Safari Centre is found on Avenida de Las Americas, just opposite the Mare Nostrum Resort (the place that's styled after a Greek temple).

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