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Alcampo - two huge commercial centres in the north

The two Alcampo Commercial Centres in Tenerife are owned by the French supermarket chain Auchen.

There is one in La Orotava and another in La Laguna. It's said (though this is largely subjective) that La Laguna is better.

They are typical large shopping centres that contain a good selection of shops, plus a huge hypermarket. Please be aware that both of them become very, very crowded on Saturdays, when, it seems, all of Tenerife descends on them.

Generally, their prices are good (and may, funnily enough vary between them). Apparently, after-sales service can sometimes be a little questionable, though.

I tried a lot of online research into this Commercial Centre, but, though it has considerable Internet presence, details of the various shops that can be found within it are very sketchy. Even its own website is not particularly forthcoming.

I do know that the La Laguna store contains a branch of C&A and that the La Orotava one features a branch of the clothing designer label, Zara.

As well as a comprehensive range of foodstuffs and groceries, the store is well-stocked with all manner of electrical goods, from lawnmowers, to white goods, to computers and other IT equipment.

It even stocks powerboats!

Opening Times

addresses and contact details

La Laguna
Off the Santa Cruz-La Laguna motorway
Tel: (+34) 922 311120

La Orotava
Junction 36, off TF-375 from La Orotava
Tel: (+34) 922 326363

Website currently not working.

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