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Acciona Trasmediterranea - serving the north of the island

Acciona Trasmediterranea is one of the leading ship owning companies in Spain.

Sailing since 1917, it has only incorporated the Canary Islands within its routes since 1975, but now connects most of the islands with its varied fleet of 25 vessels.

Sailing only from Santa Cruz, the company offers the following destinations:

  • Arricife, Lanzarote
  • Puerto Rosario, Fuerteventura
  • Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
  • Santa Cruz, La Palma
  • Cadiz, mainland Spain

Of the fleet of 25, Acciona offers a choice for passengers of basic ferries, plus "fast ferries" that can reach speeds of 38 knots. If you want to get to your destination even more quickly, there are also catamarans, with speeds of up to 47 knots!

Accommodation depends on the vessel, but can either be a reclining seat in Tourist or Club class, or a cabin.

Facilities include a bar/restaurant shop. On some of the ships there are kennels where pets can be housed during the voyage. There is also full wheelchair access.

Acciona Trasmediterranea ferry
Photo: Terry Whalebone

Full details of routes, times and prices can be found on the company's website - and you can book online!

contact details:

Telephone: (+34) 902 454645
Email: info@trasmediterranea.es

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