A Nomisis

by G Hunt

Why is nothing getting done? We were walking past same shop with same named people. They saw we had fags in a bag and said come and look ours are cheaper then they start going on about a samsung tablet. We paid 39 euro cash and he said his friend would set it up then he said do we have smart TV at home? If so another tablet would be better value cos it's satellite and would not need wifi and can even get sports, movies, even porn. They give you drinks, food and other goods, eg a case, plugs and a nice bag from shop. Pick you up after tax form and email. Sent to airport and take your address for guarantee for Currys or Argos. Our debit cards wouldn't work so said pay by credit card which we hardly ever use. They pick us up by taxi to get tablet to learn they only wanted to get card out again but only to use for verification for no cash to be taken out for 2 months of TWENTY POUNDS to be taken out for Google contract for hard disk. We returned home to find account saying £00.00. Hope they rot in hell - oh and they took our email address to send us information about apartments behind their shops for rent next year. Will never go there again.

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